How to add images or photos to PDF (for Free)

add photos to PDF

There are several reasons why you might want to add images to a PDF file. Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • Add a logo or corporate image: If you’re creating a PDF document for your business, you may want to add your company logo or an image that represents your business.
  • Add a signature: If you need to sign a PDF document, you can add a digital signature that includes your scanned or digitally created signature.
  • Add Illustrations or Charts: If you’re creating a report or presentation, you may want to include illustrations or charts to help visualize the data or information.
  • Add decorative images: You can add decorative images to personalize your PDF document and make it more visually appealing.
  • Add photos: If you’re creating a photo book or brochure, you can add photos to illustrate the content and make the document more engaging for the reader.

In general, adding images or photos to a PDF file can improve the presentation and appearance of the document, make it more visually appealing, and provide additional visual information or context.

MyPDFeditor is a 100% freeware and offline PDF editor software designed to make basic edits to any PDF file. Among the operations supported by the program there is also the one that allows you to add images or photos to a PDF file. You can even insert multiple images into a single PDF page and even create photo albums with photo collages. Here are the details on how to use this app (for Windows).

To get started, click on this link to download the program. Here is the main screen you will see after installation.

Click in the center of the screen to upload the PDF from your PC. The document will be previewed as shown in the figure below.

To add images into the PDF you will simply have to select the page to modify and then use the Images module on the right of the program. Click Add image on page and select the image from your computer. Immediately after the image will appear on the page and using the mouse you can both resize the image and position it anywhere on the page.

how to add images to PDF

To confirm the addition of the image, remember to press APPLY under the Images section. If you want to apply that image to all pages of the PDF select the Apply to all pages box and then press APPLY again. This could be very useful if you want to add a logo to all pages of your PDF document.

Obviously you can also add multiple images or photos on the same page, and each one can be resized in a different way and placed in another point of the page. Or you can overlay the images, creating a sort of photo collage, as shown in the screenshot below

In addition to inserting images into the PDF, with MyPDFeditor you can do other very useful operations, such as:

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